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Low idle Kia calls for TPS replacement

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Low idle Kia calls for TPS replacement

This bulletin from Kia advises that some Sedona, Sorento, Amanti, Optima and Rondo vehicles built before 4-1-2009 may require a TPS (throttle position sensor) replacement, along with an ECM upgrade. Affected vehicles may experience a MIL on, with DTCs stored including P2135, P0638, P2A00 or P2A03 (electronic throttle control system-related); P2135 (TPS one-half voltage correlation); P0638 (throttle actuator control range/performance); P2A00, P2A03 or P2A04 (oxygen sensor related on 2.7L engine). These vehicles may set P1295 and/or P2106, as these are forced limited power and power management DTCs. The main symptom of this condition is that the engine idles at a very low rate.

The ECM upgrade can improve DTC P0116 for vehicles equipped with block heater, catalyst damage related P0429, P0430 and P0300-306 (due to poor fuel quality) and oxygen sensor related DTC on Rondo’s equipped with the 2.7L engine.

To correct this condition, the ECM should be reprogrammed using the GDS (Global Diagnostic System) download as described in Kia bulletin number 044 (see


Vehicle                                                                P/N

Optima/Rondo with 2.7L…………...…..……35107 3E000FFF or 35107 3E100FFF

Sedona, Sorento, Amanti w/3.3L or 3.8L….35107 3C000FFF pr 35107 3C100FFF

(the part kit includes the new TPS, O-ring and sensor mounting screws)


1. Remove the engine cover if necessary

2. Disconnect the TPS electrical connector

3. Remove the three T-20 torx mounting screws

4. Remove the TPS from the ETC actuator (note: the O-ring may stick to the housing. Be sure to remove the O-ring)

5. Lubricate the new O-ring on the new TPS and align the mating hole on the throttle shaft while aligning the electrical terminals.

6. Install the new TPS to the ETC actuator. Apply Loctite Threadlocker Green 290 to the mounting screws, and tighten the T-20 screws hand-tight only. Note: on TPS P/N 35107 3C100FFF or 35107 3E100FFF, the 4th hole is not used

7. Install the electrical connector to the TPS

8. Install the engine cover (if removed)

9. Proceed to the reflash instructions (Note: available space prevents us from detailing the lengthy reflash reference information. Refer to the Kia bulletin instructions at


GDS users should access the “Notice” function from the GDS main screen for instructions regarding ECU upgrade events.

  • A fully charged battery is necessary before the ECU upgrade can take place. DO NOT connect a battery charger to the vehicle during ECU upgrade. Also, make sure that the blower motor is off during ECU upgrade.
  • All ECU upgrades must be done with the ignition key in the ON position.
  • Be careful not to disconnect any cables connected to the vehicle or GDS during the ECU upgrade procedure.
  • DO NOT start the engine during ECU upgrade.
  • DO NOT turn the ignition key off, or interrupt the power supply during ECU upgrade.
  • When the ECU upgrade is completed, turn the ignition key off, and wait 20 seconds before starting the engine.
  • ONLY use approved ECU upgrade software designated for the correct model, year and engine size. Failure to do so may create other drivability issues due to the use of the incorrect ECM/PCM calibration.

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