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Cool Soul

Some KIA Soul vehicles with 2.0L engines built between Jan. 14, 2010, to Feb. 27, 2010, may exhibit DTC P0128 stored in memory. During this time period, manufacturing equipment may have affected the performance of the thermostat. An inspection and/or replacement of the thermostat will be necessary.

First, the lot number must be checked on the thermostat and if identified as defective, replacement will be necessary.

The replacement part number for the thermostat is 25500 23010. The gasket is P/N 25633 23010.

Service procedure:

1. Disconnect the battery and drain coolant to below the level of the thermostat housing. Remove the two nuts from the thermostat housing. Separate the thermostat housing from the engine. Do not remove the thermostat until the lot number has been checked. The affected lot number range is: FAC, FAD, FAE, FAF, FAG, FAH and FAI. If any of these lot numbers are found, replace the thermostat. Replace only if one of these lot numbers is observed. For example, if the lot number on the thermostat is FD2, do not replace.

2. Reassemble as required (using a new gasket). Tighten the housing nuts to a value of 11-14 ft.-lbs., and fill removed coolant to the proper level.



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