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Time to fix 3.0L Ford tick

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Time to fix 3.0L Ford tick

Some 2005-2007 Five Hundred, Freestyle, Montego and 2006-2007 Fusion, Milan, 2006 Zephyr and 2006-2007 Escape and Mariner vehicles built 1-17-2006 and later equipped with the 3.0L 4V Duratec engine with exhaust camshaft-driven water pumps may exhibit a ticking noise from the left bank cylinder head with the engine at normal operating temperature.

To diagnose, with the engine running and at normal operating temperature, use a mechanic’s stethoscope to determine if a ticking noise is found at the left-hand exhaust camshaft at cylinder number 6. If ticking can be verified, refer to the following service procedure.

 1. Remove the left-hand camshaft cover.

2. Rotate the crankshaft clockwise until the cylinder number 6 exhaust camshaft lobes are at 12 o’clock (pointing up) and that the valves are fully closed.

3. Remove all left-hand exhaust camshaft caps individually and reinstall finger-tight.

4. Next, tighten the bolts in sequence to 72 in-lb (8 Nm), excluding camshaft cap number 4L.

5. Using a screwdriver positioned on each side of the top of camshaft cap number 4L, apply hand pressure and shift cap 4L toward the exhaust side of the cylinder head.

6. While holding cap number 4L in this shifted position, torque the 4L cap’s fastener number 9 (inboard) to 72 in-lb, then torque fastener number 10 to 72 in-lb.

7. Install the camshaft cover.

8. Start the engine, allow it to reach normal operating temperature and verify the repair.


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