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Look for the inverted 'S' on axle shaft

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Look for the inverted 'S' on axle shaft

Chrysler issued a recall of the left axle shaft of certain 2008 Dodge Sprinter 3500 Series and Freightliner Sprinter 3500 Series trucks. This recall applies only to these vehicles built from Jan. 18, 2008, through Feb. 27, 2008.

The left axle on about 70 of these vehicles may break while driving. The left axle shaft must be inspected. Axle shafts with a inverted “S” on the axle shaft flange must be replaced.

The part number of the replacement shaft is CBA1H270. The correct gear lubricant is P/N 05136033AA (SAE 90). The required Hylomar flange sealant is P/N 05127819AA.

Remove the left rear wheel cover. If an inverted “S” is not found on the face of the axle flange, the axle shaft does not require replacement. If an inverted “S” is found on the face of the axle flange, replace the axle shaft.


1. Remove the axle shaft retaining nuts.

2. Place a small drain pan under the axle hub.

3. Pull the axle shaft out of the axle housing and discard the shaft.

4. Clean the hub-to-axle shaft flange mating surface.

5. Apply a light coat of Mopar Hylomar Flange Sealant to the new axle shaft flange. DO NOT use RTV silicone sealants.

6. Insert a new axle shaft into the axle housing.

7. Install the six axle shaft nuts onto the axle shaft studs. Tighten the six nuts to a value of 48 ft-lbs (65 Nm).

8. Install the wheel cover (if so equipped).

9. Remove the rubber fill plug on the rear axle cover and check and/or fill with gear lubricant as required.





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