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Solution for silencing Soul squeal

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Solution for silencing Soul squeal

Kia Soul vehicles equipped with a 2.0L engine built between Job 1 and 3-3-2009 may have an under-torqued A/C idler pulley nut that may be related to belt squeal.

Open the hood and check for a yellow or orange paint dot on the right front strut tower. If the yellow or orange dot is present, no further action should be required. If the paint dot is not present, the A/C idler pulley nut should be re-torqued.

Raise the vehicle and remove the right front engine splash shield. Tighten the idler pulley retaining nut to a value of 32-36 ft.-lbs. (43-48 Nm). NOTE: The use of a crowfoot wrench is required to access the nut due to body interference. Reinstall the splash shield.

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