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No steering return on Charger and Challenger

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No steering return on Charger and Challenger

After completing a turn, the steering wheel may not return to center on its own. This bulletin applies to all 2009 Chrysler LC and LX vehicles (2009 Charger and Challenger).

The fix involves installing an external power steering cooler, and replacing both power steering return lines.


05137721AA -- power steering cooler (non-SRT)

68017995AA -- power steering cooler (SRT only)

68067354AB -- power steering return hose (AWD only)

68067353AB -- power steering return hose (SRT, 2.7L, 3.5L RWD only)

04782362AC -- cooler to reservoir hose (non-SRT)

04854545AA -- cooler to reservoir hose (SRT only)

68066627AB -- power steering return hose (5.7L RWD only)

05137778AC -- power steering cooler retainer package (QTY 2)

6504737-- plastic rivets (QTY 6)


Hand vacuum pump (C-4207A or equivalent)

Power steering cap adapter (9688 or 9688A)

Remove the front fascia. Remove the front air dam. Remove the belly pan. Remove the left and right cooler baffles (Fig. 1).

NOTE: LX vehicles only: Remove the four condenser mount screws and tilt the assembly forward. Remove the power steering return line hose and cooler clamp from the cooler. Loosen the return line nut at the power steering rack. For all models except SRT, using both cooler mounting clips, center the new power steering cooler and mount between fins 6 and 7 from the top of the condenser edge as show in the illustration. DO NOT remove any A/C hoses.


Using both cooler mounting clips, center the new power steering cooler and mount between fins 11 and 12 from the top of the condenser edge.

Reinstall all four mounting screws for the cooler. Remove the air box. Siphon power steering fluid from the pump reservoir. Remove the power steering return hose connected to the steering reservoir and using a safety regulated rubber-tipped blow gun, extract the remaining power steering fluid in the tri-cooler at 5 psi.

Remove the return hose from the cooler and discard. Install the new cooler to reservoir hose. Keep the black inlet and outlet protective boots from the cooler, as they will be used later.

Install the new power steering gear to cooler hose. Install the black protective boots on the old inlet and outlet ports of the power steering cooler and secure them with zip ties.

Bleed and fill the power steering system as required. For LX vehicles only: re-install the cooler baffles on the right and left sides. For LC vehicles only: install the front air dam. Install the front fascia and the belly pan.

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