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Kia oil control valve inspection

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Kia oil control valve inspection

This bulletin applies to all Kia models equipped with CVVT (Constant Variable Valve Timing). If at any time the OCV (Oil Control Valve) is suspected as a cause for rough idling, poor acceleration, camshaft timing misalignment-related trouble codes, misfire-related trouble codes, etc., be sure to perform the OCV inspection procedure before replacing this component.

Tech Tip: make sure that the engine oil filter is OE, as some aftermarket oil filter flow rates differ and may affect the CVVT system performance.


P0011               "A" camshaft position. Timing over-advanced or system performance (Bank 1)

P0012               "A" camshaft position. Timing over-retarded (Bank 1)

P0014               "B" camshaft position. Timing over-advanced or system performance (Bank 1)

P0015               "B" camshaft position. Timing over-retarded (Bank 1)

P0016               Crankshaft position-camshaft position correlation (Bank 1, Sensor A)

P0018               Crankshaft position-camshaft position correlation (Bank 2, Sensor A)

P0021               "A" camshaft position. Timing over-advanced or system performance (Bank 2)

P0022               "A" camshaft position. Timing over-retarded (Bank 2)

P0300               Random /multiple cylinder misfire detected


Monitor the waveforms of the crankshaft and camshaft position sensors with GDS.

Check if the OCV connectors are securely connected and pin tension is correct.

Check if the OCV connector seals are well seated. Make sure that LH and RH OCVs are installed properly (LH and RH OCV connectors are different in color on V6 engines).

Measure resistance between OCV power and ground terminals. Replace if out of spec.)

If resistance is within specifications, proceed to the OCV test. Determine if the OCV operates normally by providing 12V power and ground. If the OCV does not move or cycle, examine for foreign objects such as flashing or aluminum chips inside the OCV. If no foreign objects are found or cannot be removed, replace the OCV. If debris is found, clean and verify the DTC and driveability.


Denso                   6.9 - 7.9 ohm

Delphi                   6.7 - 7.7 ohm

Siemens              6.8 - 8.0 ohm

ENGINE                                    VEHICLE MODEL                                  OCV SUPPLIER

Alpha 1.6/Gamma 1.6          Rio, Soul                                                Denso

Theta 2.0, 2.4                         Optima, Rondo, Forte                          Denso

Beta 2.0                                   Spectra, Sportage                                Siemens

Mu 2.7                                      Optima, Sedona                                   Delphi

Lambda 3.3, 3.8                    Amanti, Borrego, Sedona, Sorento       Delphi

Tau 4.6                                    Borrego                                                   Delphi


Denso (6.9 - 7.9 ohm)                              Check if the OCV operates normally

Delphi (6.7 - 7.7 ohm)                               Check if the OCV operates normally

Siemens (6.8 - 8.0 ohm)                          Check if the OCV operates normally

Infinity                                                           Open circuit (replace the OCV)

Abnormally low or zero resistance         Short circuit (replace the OCV)

NOTE: Careful attention is necessary to avoid a short circuit when providing the OCV with 12V power because the spacing between the OCV power and ground terminals is very narrow.




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