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Curing a Honda blower motor on speed

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Curing a Honda blower motor on speed

Problem: The HVAC blower motor only works on high speed. This applies to the Honda 2009 Fit vehicle.

The likely cause is excessive current draw from the HVAC blower motor, causing the blower resistor to fail. The corrective action requires replacing the HVAC blower motor and the blower resistor.

The parts are available as:

- Blower motor P/N 79310-TF0-G01, H/C 9102971

- Blower resistor P/N 79335-TF0-G01, H/C 9091992

Remove the passenger’s dashboard undercover. Gently pull down the front edge to detach the clips. Pull the cover toward you to release the pins.

Disconnect the HVAC blower motor connector. Remove the three mounting screws and the blower motor. Install the blower motor, secure the three mounting screws and reconnect the harness connector.

Disconnect the blower resistor connector, remove the resistor (secured with two screws). Install the new resistor and connect the wire harness connector. Reinstall the dashboard undercover by pushing the pins and clips securely into place. Replace any damaged clips.

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