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Quieting a growling Buick

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Quieting a growling Buick

Problem: A whine, growl or vibration noise is evident from the engine compartment. This applies to the 2010 Buick Allure and LaCrosse.

There may be a whine and/or growl noise from the engine compartment, accompanied by a vibration during various driving conditions. This may include vehicle acceleration/deceleration, steering input and cornering left. It may be mistaken as a transmission noise or power steering pump concern.

There are two identified areas that technicians should inspect the power steering lines for a ground-out condition. The first area to look at is the frame/bulkhead on the rear passenger side of the engine compartment.

It’s easier to raise the vehicle and inspect from underneath. Inspect the aluminum power steering lines and make sure that you have one inch of clearance between the lines and the right-side frame rail.

If the condition is present (line rubbing or too close), the lines should be loosened (banjo bolt below rear cylinder head) and repositioned away from any body parts. This procedure normally requires you to lift the vehicle to gain access to the banjo bolt. If you move the lines to gain additional clearance, make sure that you don’t move them too far, as you can cause a ground-out of the aluminum lines to the rubber power steering and reservoir hoses.

NOTE: Always replace the banjo bolt washers whenever servicing the banjo bolt. The banjo crush washers are available as GM P/N 13305013.


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