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The Edge of vibration

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The Edge of vibration

Some Ford 2008-2009 Edge and MKX vehicles (regardless of build date) and Lincoln MKZ vehicles (built between 9-1-07 and 7-31-08) may exhibit a vibration under acceleration, or while driving between the 1800-2200 RPM range. In some cases the vibration can be felt at the steering wheel and/or the accelerator pedal.

1. For 2008-2009 Edge and MKX, proceed to Step 6.

2. For 2008-2009 MKZ, verify the vehicle build date. If the vehicle was built before 9-1-07, between 6-1-08 to 6-29-08 and after 8-1-08, do not continue with this procedure. Instead, follow normal workshop manual Section 100-04 diagnostics. If the vehicle was built between 9-1-07 and 7-31-08, proceed to Step 3.

3. Check to see if the vehicle is equipped with an intake manifold support bracket (see Figure 1). If the support bracket is present, proceed to Step 15. If the support bracket is not present, proceed to Step 4.

4. Remove the cowl panel grille assembly (refer to the workshop manual, Section 501-02.

5. Remove the power steering pressure line bracket at the right-hand valve cover stud nut. Position the pressure line and bracket aside.

6. Disconnect and remove the right-hand heated oxygen sensor (H02S) (refer to workshop manual Section 303-14C).

7. Remove the three exhaust manifold shield bolts and position the heat shield aside. (NOTE: Exhaust manifold removal is not required).

8. Install a new intake manifold bracket to the intake manifold and to the cylinder head.

9. Install the new cylinder head long support bracket bolt and tighten to 16-20 ft.-lbs. (20-28 Nm).

10. Install the new upper intake manifold long support bracket bolt and tighten to 89 in.-lbs. (10 Nm). Note: the intake manifold support bracket bolt crush sleeve crushes in the intake manifold during bolt tightening. No additional hardware is needed.

11. Install the exhaust heat shield. Tighten the three bolts to 89 in.-lbs.

12. Install and connect the RH oxygen sensor (H02S).

13. Position the power steering pressure line bracket to the RH valve cover stud and tighten the nut to 80 in.-lbs. (9 Nm).

14. Install the cowl panel grille assembly.

15. Install the vacuum hose assembly with brake booster check valve,  and remove and discard the original vacuum hose.


Intake manifold bracket -- 7T4Z-9J444-EA

Intake bracket bolt to cylinder head -- W500024-S437

Upper intake manifold bolt to support bracket -- 5F2Z-9Y450-A

Vacuum hose assembly -- 7H6Z-9C490-E

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