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Honda updates the GR8 battery station

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Honda updates the GR8 battery station

The software for the GR8 Battery Diagnostic Station is updated periodically to fix software bugs and enhance the tool’s function. You can now use the Midtronics GR8 update wizard to download software and firmware to your GR8 using a PC and the Internet. It is extremely important to use the latest GR8 software to ensure that the current battery testing and diagnostic procedures are used.

Honda is also introducing a new policy to ensure that GR8 testers are update promptly. The GR8 software must now be updated within three days of receiving notification from an iN message or other Honda communication.


GR8 Battery Diagnostic Station: P/N MTRGR81100P

USB-to-mini-USB cable (Midtronics P/N A128)

Internet access

An IBM-compatible PC with Windows 95 operating system or higher (Windows 2000 or XP preferred).


GR8 software version 192-210007F or later

Software version changes:

* Last character of the version number changed to F

* Boot-up time was reduced

* Monthly test counters were corrected

* Battery type was added to the printouts


The update should take five to 10 minutes. Make sure that the update is not interrupted. If the update is interrupted, it could damage the GR8, requiring sending the unit to Midtronics for repair (this is not covered under warranty).

1. Make sure that the GR8 is off and the SD card is removed.

2. Online, go to

3. Enter your username and password, then click on the Login button.

 (Username: hondagr8      Password: hondagr8)


4. You should see an image of the GR8 tester. Click on the highlighted Update Software link under the image.

5. Fill in your dealership information, then click SUBMIT REQUEST

6. You should see an image of the GR8 tester again. Click on the highlighted Honda GR8 Software Update link.

7. A File Download – Security Warning screen appears. Select Run.

8. A file will be downloaded to your computer. After it finishes, an Internet Explorer – Security Warning screen appears. Select Run.

9. The Midtronics Update Wizard appears. Make sure software version 192-210007F.mup appears as the software update file. If the wrong software file appears or is not shown, click Change MUP File and select 192-210007F.mup

10. Turn on the GR8 and follow the Update Wizard on-screen instructions.

11. When the update is complete, the Update Results screen appears, indicating the update was successful. Click Finish to close the Update Wizard.

12. Turn the GR8 off for 10 seconds. Reinstall the SD card. Then turn the GR8 on and confirm that the software is updated.

13. If an error message appears anytime during the update, follow on-screen instructions and try updating again. If the error message remains, contact Midtronics at 866-592-8054.

14. Remember to store the USB-to-mini-USB cable in a safe place for future updates.

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