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Mercury strut noise

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Mercury strut noise

Some 2006 Zephyr, 2007-2009 MKZ, 2006-2009 Fusion and Milan vehicles built before 8-5-2008 may exhibit a popping, rubbing, grunting, squeaking, crunching or creaking noise (at the front struts) when driving over bumps, while driving at 1-10 MPH and/or during parking lot maneuvers. The noise may be caused by the jounce bumper rubbing against the dry strut plate.

Curing this problem involves removing and disassembly of the front strut (shock/spring assembly). Once disassembled, apply Motorcraft Silicone Brake Caliper Grease and dielectric compound 360 degrees around the upper and lower contact surfaces of the shock absorber piston bounce bumper. Ford estimates the per-strut service at 1.8 hrs. Disassembly is likely required because the dust boot limits access to the bounce bumper.


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