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Mazda starter issues

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Some 2007-2009 B-series Mazdas (equipped with the 4.0L engine) may experience a screeching/grinding starter if the ignition key is returned too slowly to the release position upon starting. In addition, some vehicles may exhibit a delayed engagement from Park or Neutral to Drive or Reverse.
Reboot the IDS to clear memory before reprogramming. Using IDS 59.10 and higher or 60.02 and higher software, reprogram the PCM to the latest calibration by following the “Module Reprogramming” procedure.
Always update the IDS tool first, then follow on-screen instructions to download the needed calibration file for PCM reprogramming.  
It is not necessary to remove any fuses or relays during PCM reprogramming when the IDS screen prompts you to do so. When performing this procedure, Mazda recommends that a battery charger is installed to the battery and turned ON to a maximum charge of no more than 20 amps in order to keep the battery up to capacity. Exceeding 20 amps may damage the VCM.

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