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New Liqui Moly Oil Glows Green

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New Liqui Moly Oil Glows Green

Molygen New Generation oils by Liqui Moly GmbH are not brown, but glowing green. The green color signals an especially strong protection that reduces friction in the motor by up to 15% and wear by up to 30%.

This protection is provided by friction modifiers -- chemical ingredients that smooth the metal surfaces in the motor and even out microscopically small bumps. These modifiers protect against wear and reduce friction in the motor, therefore decreasing fuel consumption.  

This is particularly important in urban traffic with its many start-stop phases. When the motor stops at the lights, the lubrication also stops. This means there is a risk of increased wear at the next start. This is where the extra protection by Molygen pays off, the company says. This protection increases the service life of the motor and reduces the risk of breakdowns and repairs.

The Molygen Article line comprises five glowing green motor oils that are available in the viscosities 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40, and 5W-40.

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