Forward Offers FS77 Low-Profile Scissor Lift

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Forward Offers FS77 Low-Profile Scissor Lift

Forward Lift’s new FS77 scissor lift has advanced efficiency features that make it a reliable lift for smaller service bays and quick-service tasks.

It is third-party tested and certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) to meet industry safety and performance standards.

The Forward Lift FS77 scissor lift uses less than 44 square feet of space, and features a low-profile 4 1/8-inch drive-over height for easy vehicle positioning. Its 24 ¾-inch independent platforms accommodate a wide range of vehicles and pick-up points. Ramps attached to the platforms are hinged to drop down to a 65-degree angle to increase accessibility for easier brake and wheel service, or lock in the up position to extend the pick-up point surface area. The lift’s 78 5/8-inch rise height creates working space for even the tallest technicians. It has a 7,700 lb. lifting capacity.

The lift features an inverse piston manifold system that fully synchronizes the platform movement during lifting and lowering cycles, eliminating the need for a connecter bar between platforms that creates an obstruction on other scissor lifts. The same system offers blocked platform functionality that prevents both platforms from lowering if one platform is stopped by an obstruction or engaged lock, protecting the vehicle and the technician.

“The FS77 scissor lift was designed to help shop owners expand their businesses and get the most Articleivity out of a small work space with a minimal investment,” says John Uhl, sales and brand manager for Forward Lift. “We know reliability is a key factor for shop owners and managers when making a lift purchasing decision. Forward Lift takes a great deal of pride as an industry leader in the extent of life-cycle testing we conducted to ensure the FS77 scissor lift is built to perform for many years to come.”

The Forward Lift FS77 scissor lift features an easy-to-operate control panel and several features designed to protect against corrosion and wear, such as composite bearings, galvanized bottom weldment and a durable powder coated paint finish.

For more information about the new Forward Lift FS77 scissor lift, visit

Forward Lift is a Vehicle Service Group (VSG) brand.

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