Drew Technologies Unveils All-In-One Kit for J2534 Programming

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Drew Technologies Unveils All-In-One Kit for J2534 Programming

The new Remote Assisted Programming (RAP) kit from Drew Technologies Inc. makes SAE J2534 module programming capability available to shops on a day-by-day rental or long-term lease basis.

The RAP kit provides J2534 module programming capabilities with zero start-up costs for a shop. The company created the RAP kit program for shops that do not offer J2534 programming services for reasons ranging from costs for equipment and online subscriptions to computer and training issues, according to Glen Eaton, Article manager.

The company says the RAP kit contains everything required for a successful programming event, including original equipment manufacturer subscriptions and required cables.

There is no charge for the RAP kit itself. Rather, shops pay for their use of the kit. It can be rented for a one-time programming service.

When a kit is rented, Drew Technologies pays shipping to the shop and the shop pays return shipping costs. Shops that opt to lease the kit must reprogram at least two vehicles within 30 days. Shops that do not meet the two-vehicle requirement are charged $19.95 to cover equipment depreciation. “We don’t see two programming events being a big deal for any garage. We figure we’ll be leasing a lot more than renting,” says Eaton.

An internet connection is not necessary to use the RAP kit. The company says the kit eliminates equipment and personnel investments, information technology issues, and the need to outsource J2534 programming to a car dealer, hire a mobile technician, or turn away a customer.

“Drew Technologies owns the equipment, we have all the subscriptions necessary from the OEMs, and we’ve got all the pieces of the puzzle built into the kit to take care of the entire process. It’s a hands-off situation for the technician aside from plugging it in, turning on the tablet, and giving us a call,” says Eaton.

Currently, a shop is charged $125 per use. Eaton says the price will vary as more OE makes are added to the Kit program.

“We’re at $125 right now based on the current scope, which is GM and Ford. So the kit can perform all GM programming and Ford programming, we can even do key programming for GM and Ford. The price will likely change based on manufacturer. So there’s a decent chance that a shop won’t be paying the same for BMW or a Mercedes, for example, as the processes vary and as software costs vary.”

Drew Technologies will continue to offer its J2345 Articles to technicians who want to do their own programming. The scope of this program will be steadily expanding.

For more information and capabilities on the RAP Kit, visit the company’s website.

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