Penray Introduces Plastic-Friendly MAF Sensor Cleaner

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Penray Introduces Plastic-Friendly MAF Sensor Cleaner


Penray Inc. has introduced its new cleaner for mass air flow (MAF) sensors, part number 2520, which is plastic-friendly.

The attachment point for the MAF sensor is usually a small plastic clip. Often aggressive solvents, like typical carburetor cleaners, can damage delicate plastic pieces, says Penray. The new Penray 2520 is specially formulated to effectively clean the sensitive component without harming plastics, coatings or adhesives.

Use of Penray's MAF sensor cleaner is easy.  The sensor element is typically accessed by unsnapping a few retaining clamps and lifting off a piece of plastic ductwork to reveal the fine sensor wire. This wire is very fragile; physically touching it is not possible without likely damage. Once the sensor is removed from the duct, several sprays of Penray 2520 will quickly dissolve deposits, so the full length of the wire is once again free of contamination. Newly exposed to the rush of incoming air, the sensor is able to perform its job properly and accurately.

According to Penray’s Mark Kardon, director of marketing, "Poor engine performance or degraded fuel economy can often be traced to a contaminated MAF sensor fine wire, especially when it reaches the point where it causes a Check Engine light to illuminate. Adding the use of this simple-to-use Article to routine maintenance restores the performance of the wire and sensor, preventing the huge expense of a new sensor assembly."

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