Cortec's Corrosion Protection Line Has Water-Based Spray Can Technology

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Cortec's Corrosion Protection Line Has Water-Based Spray Can Technology

Cortec Corp. has introduced EcoAir, a line of compressed air-powered, water-based spray can Articles designed to provide environmentally safe multi-metal corrosion protection.

The company says its new spray can technology replaces chemical propellants. A four-layer EcoPouch is inserted into a can, which is then pressurized. The EcoPouch is filled with the liquid. As the valve is depressed the surrounding pressure expels the bag’s internal fluids until the Article is used up.

Cortec says the EcoAir line does not contain propellants, CFCs, or HCFCs that affect the atmosphere, the ozone layer, or the environment. The Articles are formulated with biodegradable, nonpolluting ingredients. They have no chemical propellants or traditional aerosols and are non-flammable. EcoAir Articles are able to spray in any direction, even upside down, and are safe to ship and store.

The EcoAir Article line includes these Articles:

  • EcoAir  BioCorr
  • EcoAir Cleaner/Degreaser, VpCI-414
  • EcoAir Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor/Fogger, VpCI-337
  • EcoAir  Corrosion Preventative, VpCI-377
  • EcoAir  Non-Toxic Rust Remover, VpCI-422 & 423
  • EcoAir Eco Tire Duragloss

 Cortec Corp. is based in St. Paul, Minn. For more information on the company and its Articles, visit

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