Dispense Adhesives With One Hand With the MasterBead

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Dispense Adhesives With One Hand With the MasterBead

The new MasterBead by PM Holdings Inc.'s GTE Tools brand is a handheld silicone/adhesive dispensing gun specifically designed for aluminum-type adhesive tubes. While dispensing adhesives from the tube generally requires two hands and can be strenuous, MasterBead lets service techs use only one hand to put down a consistent and uniform bead.

“The challenge in working with adhesives is that it can really wreck your hands,” says Nick Mazza, CEO of PM Holdings and an ASE-certified technician. “When a job is a big one, a tech’s hands will fatigue quickly. However, MasterBead has a force multiplying drive mechanism and requires only one hand to operate so it is more comfortable and easier to use and maneuver. The smooth trigger action allows the user to completely unload a full tube without ever worrying about resetting or re-clamping the gun.”

Made from ultra-durable polymers, MasterBead eliminates mess and waste because it gets 99% of the adhesive material out of the tube in a consistent, uniform bead. The gun’s automatic loading feature allows it to continue dispensing material with no need to reset or re-clamp the tube. The quick release gate on the MasterBead enables fast interchanging of tubes.

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