Mann-Filter Introduces Premium Cabin Air Filter Line

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Mann-Filter Introduces Premium Cabin Air Filter Line

Mann-Filter is offering a free merchandising kit with the purchase of $500 or more of its new FreciousPlus line of cabin air filters. The kit includes consumer brochures, a counter easel display, two posters, and other point of sale promotional pieces.

The new FreciousPlus cabin air filter uses a biofunctional layer with polyphenol – an active substance found in many plants – to capture over 98% of free-floating allergens and up to 97% of hazardous particulate matter, according to the company.

It further works as an antimicrobial agent that blocks the proliferation of allergy-triggering bacteria and molds. FreciousPlus filters from Mann-Filter are also engineered with a high-quality, activated carbon granulate that eliminates unpleasant odors, such as ozone, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the detrimental health effects posed by allergens, especially outside the home where they can be difficult to manage,” says Kevin O’Dowd, global director of Article and brand marketing for the automotive aftermarket for Mann+Hummel Purolator Filters LLC.

“By taking advantage of the many filtration innovations engineered into FreciousPlus cabin air filters, drivers can take an active role in reducing their families’ exposure to allergens and other airborne irritants.”

The company says that for the maximum protection against allergic reactions, drivers can use premium FreciousPlus anti-allergenic cabin filters – also known as pollen filters – to capture particles that enter the passenger compartment via the fresh air supply or the air conditioning system.

“Cabin air filtration is a severely underserviced wear item that service personnel can address with drivers to provide added peace of mind,” says O’Dowd. “The FreciousPlus cabin air filter is the latest in a series of innovations that supply our customers with an easily merchandised Article that delivers premium protection for the everyday driver.”

The FreciousPlus cabin air filter line was introduced to the North American market at the 2015 Automotive Aftermarket Articles Expo.

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