CRP Automotive Adds Stretch Bolts for BMW Applications

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CRP Automotive Adds Stretch Bolts for BMW Applications

CRP Automotive has released Rein Automotive brand aluminum stretch bolts for 2006 and newer BMW six-cylinder engine applications.

The company says the stretch bolts are designed as replacements for the one time use only fasteners used by BMW to mount components such as transmissions, oil pans, water pumps, power steering pumps, and alternators to their engine assemblies.

BMW uses a magnesium-aluminum composite to make its 3.0 in-line six, one of the world’s lightest 3.0 liter gas engines, according to Paul Swyter, Rein Automotive brand manager.

“While this reduced weight improves performance, efficiency, and overall block strength, it comes at a price. The magnesium in the block can cause electrochemical corrosion from contact with other materials such as iron. As a result, steel bolts cannot be used in engine assembly and BMW has specified the use of specially designed aluminum stretch bolts.”

Swyter also notes, “However, to ensure proper fastening these bolts are designed for “one-time-use” only. Reusing them or using the wrong bolts can result in improper torqueing, loosening, breakage, or thread damage in the block.”

The new line of stretch bolts from Rein Automotive is designed as a direct replacement for the OE bolts and meets BMW specifications. CRP Automotive offers a full range of Rein Automotive Aluminum Stretch Bolts for six-cylinder engines on BMW models from 2006 and up.

The Rein Automotive program consists of OE-quality replacement parts and accessories for a wide range of European import applications, including A/C parts, coolant hoses, anti-vibration, and suspension parts, axle boot kits, and wheel bearings and bearing kits.

Rein Automotive parts can be found on CRP’s online application catalog, which can be accessed through the CRP Rein Automotive brand website,, or Show Me the Parts,

CRP Automotive is a part of CRP Industries Inc.

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