Dayco adds two serpentine belt designs

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Dayco adds two serpentine belt designs

Dayco Articles LLC added two serpentine belt designs, including 29 part numbers, that cover 60 million vehicles-in-operation in North America.

The Dayco Poly Rib W2 serpentine belt (pictured) is engineered to provide a better solution on applications associated with noise caused by misalignment, an ongoing problem on high-mileage vehicles. Dayco calls it one of the quietest belts for today's vehicles, and says the Dayco Poly Rib W2 Serpentine Belt is available on the most-demanding drives in the market. The line includes 11 part numbers, covering more than 50 million vehicles-in-operation in North America.

“We have tested this belt on highly-demanding drives during real world use and can say it is the quietest belt we’ve produced for our market,” says Randy Foster, director of Article technology for the Dayco North American Aftermarket division. “The belt also features a new rib material which provides a consistent rib surface throughout the life of the belt, while eliminating noisy belt conditions.”

The Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt answers the demand of Original Equipment Manufacturers who have elected to use serpentine belts with aramid tensile cord on specific applications that may have noise, vibration or harshness issues, or in drive systems in which available tensioner take-up is minimal. The Dayco Poly Rib Aramid serpentine belt has been engineered to maintain a quiet, vibration-free belt drive system and resist the expected elongations, especially during high accessory loading.

“This unique feature of length stability and minimal stretch can aid in those difficult drives where span vibrations and tensioner movements are excessive, resulting in reduced belt noise,” says Jay Swope, principal belt engineer for Dayco.

The Dayco Poly Rib Aramid Serpentine Belt line currently includes 18 part numbers covering nearly 10 million vehicles-in-operation in North America.

Both belt designs feature Dayco’s ‘W’ Rib Design and are built with Dayco’s specially designed EPDM rubber compounds that resist cracking and perform better under extreme temperature ranges.

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