CARDONE offers reman transfer case motors

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CARDONE offers reman transfer case motors

Transfer case motors ensure trucks and SUVs can keep all four wheels safely turning throughout the slippery mud, slush and snow of winter. CARDONE’s 100% torque-tested A1 CARDONE reman transfer case motors offer performance, long Article life and the most popular application coverage on the road.

CARDONE offers 35 SKUs with coverage from 1986-2013.

Popular applications include:

Part Number      Application                                            VIO

48-105              98-05 Chevrolet/Cadillac/GMC trucks       2.1 million

48-113              03-08 Chevrolet/GMC trucks                   2.7 million

48-116              06-10 Hummer H3 (pictured)                   136,091

For specific application information, visit the CARDONE WebCat at

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