Cabin filters from ATP come in new packaging

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Cabin filters from ATP come in new packaging

ATP Automotive, a division of ATP Inc., has introduced new packaging for its premium and OE replacement cabin air filters.

“Trilingual for a North American marketplace, the distinctive packaging colors clearly identify our cabin air filters, green for premium and red for OE replacement, making it easy to distinguish inventory and choose the right ATP cabin air filter for the vehicle,” says Perkowski, director of marketing and Article management for ATP Inc. .

“As part of our new brand identity initiative, we have redesigned ATP Automotive cabin air filter packaging to convey the unique features and clean-air benefits we provide,” says Perkowski.

“The attractive new design is fitting for the only supplier offering a choice in quality cabin air filters as well as complete coverage for domestic and import vehicles, including heavy duty applications.”

ATP Premium Cabin Air Filters are manufactured from an exclusive highly porous coconut shell-based activated carbon that absorbs odors and pollutants entering the vehicle and eliminates 98% of pollen, mold spores and dirt particles, according to the company.

The filter’s unique activated carbon comes from a renewable source and has lower ash content versus charcoal counterparts, providing a cleaner and more environmentally conscious choice. ATP OE Replacement Cabin Air Filters are made of chemical free short fiber non-woven synthetic material and trap 95 to 99 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns in size.

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