General Tools offers refrigerant leak detector

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General Tools offers refrigerant leak detector

The Digital Dual Mode Refrigerant Leak Detector from General Tools & Instruments offers automotive technicians advanced technologies that make leak detection easy and accurate.

The RLD440 is built to detect all commercially available HFC, HFO, HC, HCFC and CFC refrigerant gases. It’s ideal for inspecting and maintaining vehicle air and it’s certified to comply with ASHRAE standard 173-2012; SAE J2791, J2913 and J1627 standards; and European standard EN14624.

The RLD440’s ultraviolet (UV) detection mode allows technicians to quickly determine if a refrigerant gas leak exists. After charging a system with fluorescent dye, technicians use the RLD440 to scan system components with UV light from three LEDs mounted on the end of the instrument’s grip. Any dye escaping from the system will glow a bright yellow-green.

The instrument’s other detection technology — a solid electrolyte semiconductor sensor — can pinpoint the source of a leak and gauge its size. Among the RLD440’s features is the lifespan of this sensor, which is specified at more than 10 years of normal use. Test data indicate no decline in the sensor’s performance after thousands of hours of operation.

The RLD440 helps prevent compressor, evaporator and condenser damage caused by air and moisture entering a system; it saves money by precluding repeated system recharges and inefficient cooling operation, and it inhibits ozone layer depletion.

For more information, visit or call (800) 697-8665.

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