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OTC Encore scan tool adds heavy-duty scan, bluetooth tire pressure reset

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OTC Encore scan tool adds heavy-duty scan, bluetooth tire pressure reset

The Bosch Group’s OTC Tools brand has released Version of the Encore scan tool that adds compatibility with OTC’s 3834T Tire Pressure Reset (TPR) tool and the OTC 3895-07 HD standard starter kit, covering Class 4 – 8 Heavy Duty (HD) vehicles.

“When we debuted Encore, we had plans to make it the most comprehensive tool on the market in its class,” says Jim Fish, vice president of global diagnostics for the Bosch Automotive Service Solutions brands. “Included software updates and the addition of available HD diagnostics and the exclusive Bluetooth TPR tool means the Encore can compete against scan tools twice its cost while retaining its lower price point and high value.”

The company says adding compatibility with the OTC TPR tool allows Encore to quickly register Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors (TPMS) and diagnose vehicle issues related to TPMS. The TPR tool will wirelessly communicate with Encore via Bluetooth to enter each wheel’s TPMS sensor ID saving time typing while eliminating errors on ID entry.

Class 4 – 8 HD scan diagnostics coverage added to the Encore include the ability to read and erase diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and view live data in DataStream for SAE standard truck protocols HD J1587 / J1708 and J1939 CAN for engine, transmission/ABS coverage and more. The 3895-07 HD kit includes a 9-pin Deutsch cable, 6-pin Deutsch cable and a security card to unlock the software.

In addition to adding TPR and HD scan options, Encore has added or expanded coverage for several makes and models this year, including:

* new coverage added for 2014 model year Mazda and Fiat vehicles; 2013-2014 model year BMW/Mini vehicles; 2013 model year Mercedes-Benz and Smart vehicles including new coverage for 2011-2013 model year Sprinter vehicles;

* expanded ECU coverage for 1996-2012 model year VW/Audi vehicles; 2009-2013 Mazda vehicles; 1996-2012 BMW vehicles; 1996-2012 Mercedes-Benz vehicles;

* throttle relearn on GM drive-by-wire vehicles with a scan tool, including most Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Pontiac and Saturn models;

* complete coverage for 2013 model year Nissan, Mazda, Kia/Hyundai, Honda vehicles;

* new enhanced coverage for 1999-2013 Subaru, 1997-2012 Jaguar, 2005-2012 Land Rover; and

* seven new tire pressure sensor registration tests for GM, Honda, Kia/Hyundai, Subaru and Fiat.

The OTC Encore was the industry’s first integrated scan tool for the Android platform when released in November 2013.

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