New Penray Plus fuel, oil additives enhance performance of light-duty diesel engines

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New Penray Plus fuel, oil additives enhance performance of light-duty diesel engines


Penray Companies Inc. says that more and more motorists are opting for new “clean diesel” technology, attracted by the promise of improved fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs. But these benefits can only be achieved and sustained if their powerplants are kept in top operating condition.

In response to this growing need, Penray has introduced two new Articles that will help owners of diesel-powered cars and light trucks optimize the performance and economy of their vehicles -- Penray Plus Diesel Fuel Prep and Penray Plus Engine Oil Treatment.

Penray Plus Diesel Fuel Prep is a technology Penray originally developed for heavy-duty diesel engines. This diesel fuel treatment is engineered to keep fuel systems free of deposits and contaminants that can compromise the performance of fuel injectors and other fuel system components, all of which are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances for diesel applications.

The second new Article for diesel-powered cars and light trucks is Penray Plus Engine Oil Treatment. Diesel engines are very different from gasoline engines in many ways, notes Penray, including operating with very high compression ratios that require the chemistry of diesel fuels to burn properly. A by-Article of this diesel combustion is soot, which can find its way into engine oil past the piston rings and valve guides.

Penray’s new Engine Oil Treatment combats sooty deposits and other contaminants by dissolving them and holding them in suspension where they can be removed by the oil filter, thus preventing soot and particulates from compromising engine performance and possibly causing engine damage.

This new Penray Plus Article includes acid neutralizers to prevent corrosion, and also includes supplemental zinc, which fortifies the engine oil. This is especially important since oil formulations have changed in recent years with substantial reductions in zinc, which is a critical lubricant for the camshaft-to-lifter interface and other high-pressure contact areas.

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