Delphi adds to mass airflow sensor portfolio

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Delphi adds to mass airflow sensor portfolio

Delphi Article & Service Solutions has added 20 new mass airflow sensors to its engine management portfolio covering more than 10.2 million vehicles built from 1990 to 2013.

Applications cover: Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota. Part numbers include:  AF10159, AF10162, AF10164, AF10168, AF10176, AF10184, AF10185, AF10205, AF10206, AF10207, AF10208, AF10210, AF10211, AF10212, AF10213, AF10215, AF10216, AF10217, AF10219 and AF10220.

All parts are tested and calibrated to OE standards using highly accurate OE equipment.  By testing to OE specifications, Delphi ensures that the sensors provide accurate readings and airflow output, which helps to reduce comebacks.

Delphi’s direct sensor solution design allows technicians to focus on the part that needs to be replaced;  98% of the time it is the sensing electronics in the probe that fail.  By eliminating the need to replace the plastic flow tube, Delphi provides a greener repair solution. 

Shops receive Delphi Mass Airflow sensors in a plastic clamshell, which helps protect the sensing elements from damage.

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