PIAA adds to Night-Tech halogen bulb line

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PIAA adds to Night-Tech halogen bulb line

PIAA Corp. has broadened its line of advanced-technology Night-Tech replacement bulbs with the addition of 9007 and H13 bulbs. These new SAE/DOT-compliant halogen bulbs fit a wide variety of domestic and import vehicles and provide enhanced visibility.

The technology behind PIAA Night-Tech bulbs includes special materials and manufacturing, giving these bulbs the ability to provide up to 90% more light than conventional bulbs. This translates into an increase in illumination range of as much as 100 feet/35 meters compared with conventional bulbs. And new-generation manufacturing and QC processes make Night-Tech bulbs more durable and longer-lasting than other designs.

In particular, PIAA Night-Tech bulbs are made with an exclusive blend of gases with a proportionally higher level of inert gases, encased in a rugged glass enclosure. A special aerospace alloy filament material and shape, along with proprietary dual band bulb coatings, also contribute to the performance and longevity advantages of these bulbs compared to other designs.

Of particular interest is the color temperature of PIAA Night-Tech bulbs, on the order of 3600 Kelvin. This color temperature affords whiter illumination than conventional bulbs, while retaining SAE/DOT approval. An easy-to-understand discussion of color temperatures is provided on the PIAA web site --

A hallmark of PIAA bulbs is PIAA’s exclusive XTRA Technology, the result of PIAA’s innovative blend of gases and filament design and construction. This technology produces double the light output of other designs, without any increase in power consumption. This makes PIAA Night-Tech bulbs direct replacements for less efficient designs, with no modifications needed to wiring, and no additional relays needed. They are strictly “plug and play.”

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