Bosch expands line of QuietCast brake rotors

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Bosch expands line of QuietCast brake rotors

The Bosch Group has expanded its line of premium QuietCast brake rotors, part of the brand family that includes Bosch top-of-the line QuietCast brake pads.Currently, one out of every three vehicles on the road in North America – domestic, Asian and European – use Bosch braking components., says the company.

“Our QuietCast brake rotors are manufactured using a heat flow casting process that produces superior high carbon, vehicle-specific castings which ensures a smooth ride and quiet braking,” says David Terry, senior Article manager for friction and rotors, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Brake Components North America. “Bosch castings provide superior heat dissipation and noise dampening ability, consistent performance, and longer life – characteristics not found in low-cost Articles from some competitors.”

Bosch QuietCast brake rotors feature:

* 100% factory mill balancing with lowest run-out for safe, smooth operation, with no pedal pulsation.

* OEM-style vane configuration that provide efficient heat dissipation, reduces vibration that can cause noise, and extends the life of the rotor.

* G3000, GG20, GG15, (high carbon) heat-flowed castings provide consistent wear, long life and quiet operation

* Premium bi-metal aluminum and zinc clear coat protection which prevents rust and corrosion, extends the life of the rotor and provides a clean look for today's open wheels. The clear coating also makes installation easier because the technician does not have any oil to clean prior to the installation.

* OEM-style ABS tone ring (on required applications) assures trouble-free ABS/TCS operation

* Factory-engraved edge code and minimum thickness specifications allow proper identification and easy discard reference to simplify installation.

To ensure the highest quality and performance, Bosch QuietCast brake rotors are subjected to rigorous and stringent standardized Bosch testing and validation. These new rotors are included in the 2014 Bosch Braking Components Catalog and printed copies are available now.

“QuietCast brake rotors come with an added bonus – OEM brand recognition,”  says Terry. “Having introduced such groundbreaking technologies as Antilock Brakes and Electronic Stability Control systems, Bosch has a worldwide industry reputation as a top-notch OEM brake supplier with extensive braking expertise, and technicians are confident that Bosch QuietCast premium brake rotors continue to tailor OE braking technology to the needs of the aftermarket.”

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