FRAM launches FRAM Pro Series filter program for professional installers

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FRAM launches FRAM Pro Series filter program for professional installers


FRAM Group IP LLC offers the FRAM Pro Series Article line, a set of specially designed oil filters that align oil filter selection with the most-frequently used oil types by installers during oil changes -- conventional oil, premium conventional oil and full synthetic oil.

“When you look at the market trends, you see a clear distinction in the good, better and best categories of quality oil offered during oil change service jobs,” says Josh Gordon, director of marketing for FRAM Filtration.

“FRAM Pro Series brings filtration back into that conversation around oil changes by providing professional installers with a first-of-its-kind Article line that aligns the oil filter with the specific oil. We believe the FRAM Pro Series will be a major advantage in helping professional installers drive more business in the competitive environment we see today, as end-consumers are making less frequent service visits.”

FRAM Pro Series features three filter choices for the professional installer. FRAM Pro Synthetic is engineered for synthetic oil with long-life protection up to 15,000 miles. FRAM Pro Plus is designed as a trade-up filter aligned with synthetic blend and premium convention oils for extended change intervals up to 10,000 miles. FRAM Pro provides a quality filter engineered for vehicles that use conventional oil with more regular change intervals of 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

“Your end-consumer wants to know their car is being serviced by a quality Article they can trust,” says Gordon. “FRAM Pro Series instills confidence in end-users by helping them choose the filter that optimizes their engine oil.”

FRAM Pro Series offers 126+ available part numbers. A comprehensive portfolio of online and collateral tools made available to professional installers and technicians by FRAM supports the rollout of FRAM Pro Series.

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