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Bartec Introduces Rite-Sensor Bundles for Pro-Series TPMS Tools

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Bartec Introduces Rite-Sensor Bundles for Pro-Series TPMS Tools

Bartec USA LLC has released Rite-Sensor bundles for Pro-Series TPMS tools along with Rite-Sensor and software certificate bundles.

The Article bundles are part of the launch of the Rite-Sensor, Bartec’s programmable, single part, multi-frequency, replacement TPMS sensor.

The Tech400Pro bundle comes with 12 Rite-Sensors and the Tech300Pro [activation only] comes with 8 Rite-Sensors. Also available is an array of Rite-Sensor and software certificate bundles.  Owners of Tech400SD, Tech500, Tech300Pro, Tech300Pro/C or Tech400 tools need to simply purchase a software update certificate and receive Rite-Sensors as part of the offer.

For complete descriptions of the Article bundles, visit

According to Bartec CEO Scot Holloway: “Not only does Rite-Sensor have great coverage, it was designed, based on our automotive OE expertise, for seamless operation with our TPMS tools. If you have a Tech400SD or newer, simply update your tool to Release 60 and you are ready to go with Rite-Sensor!”

Bartec says that because Rite-Sensor is a single part [or SKU] solution, a tire service business can greatly reduce inventory costs. Because Rite-Sensor is programmable, a technician configures the sensor as needed, based on vehicle make, model and year.  Rite-Sensor programming is very accurate because of Bartec’s unique VINdicate feature found on the Pro Series TPMS Tools.  Connect the Tech400Pro to the OBDII port and quickly and accurately detect the vehicle identification number [VIN] and set up the tool and program a Rite-Sensor. 

Says Steve Long, Bartec’s director of operations: “Bartec’s process oriented approach to TPMS sensor programming means working with and using the Rite-Sensor is very easy and very fast!”

The Rite-Sensor as well as a full range of service kits, valve cores and replacement valves, is part of Bartec’s complete, one-stop-shop for TPMS service.  In addition to a technical support team, Bartec offers TPMS tools, sensors, service kits, consumer information, and Article training. 


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