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Nucap Expands NRS Galvanized Brake Pad Line

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Nucap Expands NRS Galvanized Brake Pad Line

Nucap Industries has added 57 SKUs to its North American-made NRS galvanized brake pad lineup to provide coverage for an additional 1,600 vehicle applications.

The offering covers Honda, BMW, Ford, GMC Trucks, Nissan and more. NRS Brakes' galvanized brake pads feature mechanically attached friction on a galvanized steel backing plate.

Twenty years ago, mechanics didn’t need to worry about rust, because all backing plates were galvanized or plated. However, today's mechanics are not informed of the quality of brake pads, since much of the Article is imported from overseas and subject to no federal or local standards, according to Nucap.

Nucap says it has spent decades researching the nature of galvanization and is a pioneer in the science of molding friction material onto the galvanized plate. The result is NRS Brakes galvanized brake pads with OE specifications and design characteristics at an aftermarket price.

Mechanical retention has been specified by OE manufacturers on many medium- and heavy-duty applications, the company adds. Galvanized brake pads will prolong the life of brake pads and improve safety, according to Nucap.

In addition, the brake pads include technology such as the noise-cancelling piston insert.

The company’s Electronic Wear Sensor (where applicable) gives the most accurate gauge on how much brake pad life is left.

NRS Brakes is part of Nucap Industries based in Toronto, Ontario.

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