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Porsche Lane Change Problem

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Porsche Lane Change Problem

This bulletin applies to 2016 Porsche Cayenne, Macan and Panamera vehicles. The customer may see a warning message in the instrument cluster that reads “Lane change assist not available, service required.” This message may be intermittent.

The technician may find one of the following fault codes in the lane change assist ECUs:

C111504 (lane change assist (slave) control unit – function restriction)

B200000 (lane change assist (master) control unit – function restriction)

PCNA is currently investigating this issue.  Certain parts are affected and may demonstrate this unwanted behavior. The lane change assist ECU hardware level can distinguish potentially affected parts.

The hardware level can be determined in the VAL and on the unit itself. All affected parts are hardware level H06. Hardware levels H05 and H07 are unaffected. Hardware level H06 parts should be replaced in pairs and hardware level of both sides (left and right) should match.

If parts are not available, the feature can be disabled using the lane change assist switch.

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