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Clore Adds 12-Volt Digital Tester to Solar Line

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Clore Adds 12-Volt Digital Tester to Solar Line

The new Solar 12-volt digital battery and electrical system tester, model no. BA6, has an operating range of 4.5 to 16 volts and is compatible with a variety of battery types.

The BA6 tests 12 volt batteries from 100-1200 CCA and is optimized to test six distinct battery types: conventional flooded acid, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral wound, gel cell and start-stop AGM and enhanced flooded batteries.

Clore says the tester provides accurate assessment of both charged and discharge batteries (down to 4.5 volts) and features a variety of safety features, including reverse polarity and over-voltage protection, to make testing safer for the operator and equipment being tested.

Testing is quick and easy and allows the operator to perform either a battery test, system test or both. The tester walks the operator through the test sequence, prompting for key pieces of information and guiding the operator from one step to the next. The tester’s size makes it convenient to keep at arm’s reach, whether in the shop, garage or service vehicle, according to Clore.

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