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GCX Brake Rotor Is Designed to Eliminate Corrosion

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GCX Brake Rotor Is Designed to Eliminate Corrosion

GCX Elemental Protection Disc Brake Rotors by StopTech are specially engineered to restore OE performance and provide superior protection from rust and corrosion, even in extreme conditions.

They feature Centric Parts’ advanced RS200 Brake Rotor Coating on the non-friction mating surfaces, which leaves the friction sweep area clean and results in a 20% faster pad bed-in. It also eliminates pad fouling and corrosion rings.

A full coating on all non-mating surfaces inhibits rust formation and helps provide long-lasting corrosion resistance.

StopTech offers applications for more than 80% of the vehicles on the road today.

Centric Parts is a division of division of APC Automotive Technologies LLC.

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