Service Line Offers Renegade Parts Washer

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Service Line Offers Renegade Parts Washer

Service Line. Inc.’s new Renegade Model TMB 8150 Stretch Automatic Top Load Aqueous Parts Washer is designed for more power and greater capacity.

It is nearly twice as wide as the standard TMB 8100 model (82-1/2 vs 55 inches), for a wider wash zone, and features Dual 5 hp heavy-duty wash cycle pumps and 170 gallon sump capacity.

Renegade aqueous parts washers clean without solvents to lower environmental impact, increase automation, and reduce labor costs for automotive, machine shop and remanufacturing operations. Renegade Automatic Top Load Cabinet Parts Washers operate with a durable gear-driven spray manifold to deliver high pressure force and high temperature cleaning to maintain consistent Article quality. Cabinet parts washers are ideal for batch cleaning parts or components and allow the operator full easy access to the wash zone.

Automation features include PLC programmable wash cycle timer and heater timer. Increased automation allows the operator to multi-task, while reduced labor costs impact cost of operation. Renegade Aqueous Parts Washers are designed to work with specially formulated, solvent-free detergents for maximum cleaning without residue buildup and lower environmental impact.

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Service Line Offers Renegade Parts Washer

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