CRP Offers Pentospeed Oils for Euros

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CRP Offers Pentospeed Oils for Euros

CRP Automotive offers three new Pentospeed application-specific motor oils that are formulated to deliver super high performance and high fuel economy for BMW, Volvo, and Volkswagen vehicles.

These advanced 0W-20 Pentospeed motor oils cover over 3 million vehicles in operation and feature the following OE approvals: Pentospeed LL-14 – BMW approved for Spec. LL-14, Pentospeed VCC – Volvo approved for Spec. VCC RBSO-2AE, and Pentospeed SP IV – Volkswagen approved for Spec. 508.00/509.00.

Developed with the latest additive technology, in conjunction with ultra-high-performance base, the oils offer significantly lower fuel consumption and speedy engine circulation. They are ideal for highly stressed engines, down-sized aggregates, and engines with Stop-Start systems.

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