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Mahle Introduces CleanLine Fuel Filters

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Mahle Introduces CleanLine Fuel Filters

New CleanLine fuel filters from Mahle Aftermarket Inc. are designed to ensure lower maintenance costs for injection nozzles and fuel pumps.

Mahle says the spin-on filters, which can be changed easily and cleanly, offer exceptional water separation efficiency throughout their lifetime. Their dust retention capacity is also significantly higher than that of conventional filters.

From 2020, two variants of the new CleanLine filter will be available worldwide from Mahle Aftermarket: with single- or two-stage separation. The single-stage variant filters dirt particles and water in one step. The more powerful, two-stage variant filters in two separate steps: first the dirt, and then the water, via a water-repellent, synthetic fabric.

“Our new CleanLine fuel filter is a true global player. The two-stage variant in particular protects the injection system reliably, even in areas where the fuel quality is very poor,” says Olaf Henning, corporate executive vice president and general manager for Mahle Aftermarket.

Mahle says CleanLine filters offer unrivaled water separation efficiency throughout the lifetime of the filter, removing more than 93% of contaminants when new and around 70% after 30,000 kilometers. Tests have shown that comparable Articles from competitors have a separation efficiency of less than 20% after the same number of kilometers.

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