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Chicago Pneumatic Designs New Impact Wrench for Power and Comfort

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Chicago Pneumatic Designs New Impact Wrench for Power and Comfort

The latest CP7748 ½-inch impact wrench from Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. is designed to meet the power, comfort and durability requirements of vehicle service specialists.

“Listening to our customers, we recognized a demand for more ergonomic tools in the market and we have introduced this impact wrench to best suit requests for a powerful and durable, yet compact and lightweight solution that is easy to use and which ultimately helps them to increase Articleivity and cost-effectiveness,” says Antoine Tourneux, global Article marketing manager, vehicle service air tools, at Chicago Pneumatic.

Weighing in at 4.4 lbs (2 kg) and delivering 960 ft. lbs (1,300 Nm) of power in forward and reverse, the CP7748 impact wrench provides a high power-to-weight ratio. This is more power than its predecessor and so the tool delivers improved efficiency and reduced operation time.

The impact wrench is equipped with new design features to maximize comfort so operators can get their job done quickly and increase Articleivity. At the heart of the design is an innovative forward/reverse and power control ring system, which is more ergonomic than controls on the back of the tool.

Users can change direction by pushing buttons easily with one hand, or simply by turning the ring from anywhere around the tool. The CP7748 also offers two different settings in the forward position (40% of maximum power and full power) and a full power setting in reverse. This ring system facilitates the use of the CP7748 in tight places without having to remove the tool to change direction. Furthermore, the system reduces fatigue on operators’ wrists and arms when switching between forward and reverse or adjusting the power.

The company says that thanks to its compactness, the CP7748 can comfortably be used in confined spaces. The tool is 14.3% shorter than its previous version, measuring just 6.89 inches (175 mm) in length.

This new impact wrench from Chicago Pneumatic features a 360-degree swivel air inlet to provide high maneuverability. Additionally, the CP7748 comes with a curved handle which uses rubber material at the back of the tool to provide excellent handling while helping to prevent the tool from slipping through dirty and oily fingers.

Chicago Pneumatic says it designed the new impact wrench with durability in mind. Featuring a hard chromium aluminum cylinder that surrounds the motor and twin hammer mechanism, the CP7748 impact wrench delivers optimum performance in the toughest operating environment.

The CP7748 is also available in 2-inch anvil.

To know more about when to use impact wrenches or solve questions about torque, visit Expert Corner. For details on the full range of Chicago Pneumatic’s Articles, go to www.cp.comLinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

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