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New Meyle Cabin Air Filter Is Designed to Protect Against Bacteria

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New Meyle Cabin Air Filter Is Designed to Protect Against Bacteria

The newest Meyle-Original cabin air filter is designed to protect against bacteria and help prevent the development of mold and fungi.

Meyle AG says an additional filter layer enriched with silver ions provides the new Meyle-Original cabin filter with an antibacterial function.

While Meyle-Original particle and activated carbon filters already filter out harmful gases, soot and pollen, the new cabin air filter also actively protects against bacteria and, thanks to its fungicidal effect, against the development of mold and fungi.

The company says the special coating on the new biofunctional Meyle-Original cabin filter ensures that the driver and occupants are not only protected from dust, pollen, soot and gases, but also that bacteria do not enter the cabin. The fungicidal effect of the silver ion layer also prevents the development of moulds, which can additionally strain the airways of the vehicle occupants and cause allergic reactions.

The new cabin air filter consists of four layers that clean the air before it enters the vehicle interior.

  • Biofunctional layer: Has antibacterial effect and prevents mold fungus formation.
  • Activated carbon layer: Filters harmful gases such as ozone (O3), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).
  • Carrier fleece: Basis for the activated carbon layer and the biofunctional layer.
  • Particle filter layer: Filters dust, pollen, soot and dirt from the air. 

The company says that especially for allergy sufferers, the use of the special filter with antibacterial function can contribute to road safety. Allergies, watery eyes and sneezing affect the driver and the passengers and can cost important seconds in an emergency.

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