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Ingersoll Rand Has New Torque Limited Impact Wrench

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Ingersoll Rand Has New Torque Limited Impact Wrench

The 2-inch anvil of the new 2135QTL-2 ½-inch torque limited impact wrench from Ingersoll Rand plc is designed to provide better access to recessed lug nuts.

Ingersoll Rand says the 2-inch anvil makes the 2135QTL-2 ideal for tire shops and service centers.

The tool restricts forward torque from 55 to 75 foot-pounds, reducing the chance of damaging wheels without sacrificing a single foot-pound of reverse torque.

The 2135QTL-2 is the ultimate torque wrench counterpart, according to the company. It delivers 780 foot-pounds of max reverse torque to remove stubborn lug nuts quickly and reaches target torque in two to three seconds. It weighs just 4.3 pounds to reduce fatigue with repeated use.

The 2135QTL-2 is Ingersoll Rand’s fastest and quietest torque-limiting impact wrench. The company says its quiet technology noticeably reduces noise levels in the shop.

The motor and impact mechanism are optimized for better durability. The motor air flow controls the torque instead of the mechanism, making it three times more durable than previous torque limiting impacts.

The 2135QTL-2 also features:

  • tough, steel-lined aluminum hammer case for increased durability;
  • chemical resistant composite housing to withstand harsh working conditions and shop fluids; and
  • swivel hose connection to prevent tangling so technicians can move freely around the shop.

To learn more about the Ingersoll Rand 2135QTL-2 Impact Wrench, visit

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