Bosch Offers Robinair A/C Machine With Automatic Function

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Bosch Offers Robinair A/C Machine With Automatic Function

The new Robinair R-134a machine from Bosch Automotive Service Solutions  is fully automatic and is designed to recover up to 98.5% of old refrigerant. 

Bosch says the Robinair 34888HD heavy-duty A/C RRR machine is engineered to save time in the shop with fully automatic operation and a removable tank for larger A/C systems. Technicians can set the 34888HD and walk away as it recovers, evacuates, leak tests, recharges and drains and injects oil back into the system.

A description of the new Robinair machine’s convenience and performance features follows.

  • A nitrogen port to inject nitrogen into the system to dry and check for leaks
  • Automatic air purge to eliminate system-damaging air without needing to monitor gauges or open valves
  • Vacuum feature defaults to 15 minutes; can be set for up to 99 minutes
  • Refrigerant management system displays refrigerant use and monitor remaining filter life, alerting the user when 1/3 filter life remains
  • Removable, large capacity 50-pound external tank for performing multiple recoveries on large mobile A/C systems
  • Automatic oil drain and inject
  • 18-foot hoses, 5 CFM pump and 3/8 horsepower compressor enhance convenience and help recover refrigerant faster
  • Multilingual display with French, English and Spanish options
  • Optional printer to capture and retain vehicle service data
  • The new Robinair 34888HD will be available in November 2017 through traditional distribution channels, helping technicians save time and service large mobile A/C systems faster.

For more information on the 34888HD heavy-duty recovery machine or other Robinair tools, equipment and accessories, visit

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