Cardone's Latest Release Includes Turbos, VVT Solenoids and NOx Sensors

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Cardone's Latest Release Includes Turbos, VVT Solenoids and NOx Sensors

Cardone Industries Inc. recently released 100 parts spanning several Article divisions, including 22 electronic modules, 12 new steering components, and 24 brake components.

The company says this release features variable valve timing solenoids, turbochargers, and diesel NOx sensors. Descriptions of each follow.

Diesel NOx Sensor

Cardone Select 100% new diesel NOx sensors are high-performing, real-world tested units that reliably notify the driver of high NOx levels, keeping the vehicle in compliance. A Article exclusive to Cardone in the light-duty truck market, these sensors include all components and hardware needed to get a vehicle back to normal operating conditions. Other features include:

  • direct plug-and-play fit for a simple installation;
  • tested for proper functionality and performance; and
  • rust-resistant for longevity.

Variable Valve Timing Solenoid

Featuring coil housings and mounting brackets coated for corrosion resistance, every brand-new Cardone Select Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoid solenoid is tested for oil flow rate, pressure, electrical resistance and leakage to guarantee long-term dependability. Other features include:

  • magnet coil and connector integrated into one piece encapsulated injection molded body that reinforces wire bonds against vibration separation;
  • spool valve system utilizes aluminum body that is surface-treated to create micro-finished sliding surfaces for higher wear resistance; and
  • test-fitted on engines to measure performance and ensure proper alignment and fit of mounting brackets electrical connectors.


Cardone Select 100% new turbochargers are engineered and tested in the U.S. and are guaranteed to fit and function exactly as their O.E. counterparts. CARDONE Select turbochargers also include a “pre-lube” oil syringe and all necessary installation and mounting hardware to ease the installation process for the technician. Other features include:

  • $0 core return charge;
  • support for passenger cars and trucks in top models, such as Chevy Cruze, Ford Fusion Focus and Escape, and GM medium-duty trucks; and
  • full installation kit included with every turbocharger.

To view the full listing of new Articles added in September, visit the Rapid Release page of the Cardone website.

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