New Robinair Refrigerant Oil Pump Is Designed to Speed A/C Service

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New Robinair Refrigerant Oil Pump Is Designed to Speed A/C Service

The new 14390 Robinair Refrigerant Oil Pump from Bosch Automotive Service Solutions is capable of moving 1 gallon of oil in less than 75 seconds, saving time during air conditioning service.

The new pump is used to move large volumes of A/C lubricant oil back into HVAC and commercial refrigerant systems quickly and efficiently. Bosch says the refrigerant oil pump is faster and more effective than hand-operated pumps.

The pump is compatible with any cordless drill, which drives the mechanical pump. The cap of the pump fits most 1-gallon bottles that are available off the shelf, and includes a ¼-inch flare fitting to connect to the A/C or refrigeration system. These features allow for faster and more effective service than hand-operated oil pumps.

The Refrigerant Oil Pump is equipped with a mechanical pump with ¼-inch hex drive shaft for power tool use, nylon hose and dip/bottle tube and works with ester, alkylbenzene or mineral oil (150-300 SUS) for servicing.

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