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Hey, It’s Normal

This bulletin applies to a number of Mazda vehicles, including 2013-2019 CX-5, 2011-2014 Mazda2, 2007-2019 Mazda3, 2016-2019 CX-3, 2006-2015 Mazda5, 2007-2012 CX-7, 2006-2019 MX-5, 2004-2011 RX-8, 2007-2019 CX-9 and 2014-2019 Mazda6.

A clunk/bang/buzz noise or jolt from the front of the vehicle may be experienced during first forward movement after sitting and starting the engine.

This is a normal operating noise of the ABS. Do not attempt any repairs.

Explain to the customer that the noise comes from the ABS/TCS/DSC “malfunction detection function” initial check and that there is no problem. This initial check is a necessary function to ensure the normal operation of the ABS/TCS/DSC system.

If the vehicle is equipped with DSC (dynamic stability control), the condition occurs when the brake pedal is released during normal take-off. The initial check starts at 4 mph or more. The condition will also occur when the brake pedal is depressed (running on a downhill or creeping along on automatic transmission models. The initial check starts at 9 mph or more. If not equipped with DSC, when the brake pedal is released during normal take-off, the initial check starts at 3 mph or more. When the brake pedal is pressed, running downhill or creeping along with A/T, the initial check starts at 6 mph or more.

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