Ford Introduces Motorcraft Loaded Struts

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Ford Introduces Motorcraft Loaded Struts

Ford Motor Co. has introduced Motorcraft loaded struts designed to offer fast, easy installation and a low competitive price to the marketplace.

Made with 98% original equipment components, the new struts are priced the same or lower than major competitors. The company says that with the spring already in place, they’re easy to install while providing OE-level quality, fit and performance. In addition, the struts are the only OE-spec loaded struts available for Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

“This is a brand new Article. We are thrilled about it,” said Jana Czopek, Ford North America underbody Article manager. “To be able to offer loaded struts with original, precision components for smooth performance and a long-lasting life is something that shops and technicians will appreciate. The fact that they’re priced at or lower than competitor’s loaded struts is a big plus for customers.”

The first rollout will be available in August. Initial applications include:

  • Mustang (2005-2010)
  • Escape/Mariner (2001-2012)
  • F-150 (2004-2013)
  • Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis (2003-2011)
  • Lincoln Town Car (2003-2011)

As with all Motorcraft parts, these new loaded struts are covered by the two-year service parts warranty, which provides unlimited mileage coverage for Ford and Motorcraft parts, including labor and with no commercial exceptions.

Ford says there are many reasons to choose Motorcraft loaded struts:

  • the only OE-spec loaded strut in the marketplace for Ford and Lincoln applications;
  • priced at or below major competitors;
  • ready to install out of the box – no adjustments necessary;
  • quick installation with no special tools required;
  • 100% OE springs manufactured from high-quality steel are calibrated to help restore correct vehicle ride height;
  • complete strut and spring assembly replacement helps achieve original vehicle ride characteristics; and
  • 100% OE shocks/struts with application-specific valving engineered to help restore vehicle’s original ride and handling.

The coil spring and struts are engineered and tested to Ford specifications.  The coil spring testing includes:

  • fatigue resistance – tested up to 200,000 cycles;
  • surface quality defects must be <100 microns in depth;
  • corrosion – 3,000 hours of salt spray;

The loaded strut testing includes:

  • cylinder tube fatigue – 16,000 cycles front; 24,000 rear
  • valve durability – 1 million cycles
  • temperature testing – no leakage or structural damage
  • dust boots pass 40,000 cycles

For more information on Motorcraft loaded struts, go to the company's website

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