Robinair's New 1234yf Machine Services Standard and High-Voltage Systems

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Robinair's New 1234yf Machine Services Standard and High-Voltage Systems

Robinair, a Bosch Automotive Service Solutions brand, has released the fully automatic AC1234-4 machine for 1234yf systems. The Robinair AC1234-4 services both standard and high-voltage AC systems.

Offering automatic features to save time in the shop, technicians can program the AC1234-4 for service and return when complete. The machine features an automatic internal tank refill and an automatic oil drain to show the amount of oil removed during service. An automatic air purge removes any air accumulated in the internal tank while programmable vacuum operation quickly reaches the necessary vacuum level in nearly any condition.

Equipped with an integrated refrigerant identifier, AC1234-4 samples refrigerant prior to recovery and features a system leak test to identify gross leaks. A color graphical display allows technicians to track recovery. The liquid refrigerant flushing function cleans AC systems or individual components with liquid refrigerant instead of harsh chemicals.

Bosch says the Robinair AC1234-4 offers 98.5% recovery efficiency and precise charge accuracy to better than a half-ounce of the programmed charge amount. The machine meets or exceeds SAE J2927 and J2843 standards for R-1234yf recovery.

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