Mahle Has New GM Vortec 5.7L Head Set

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Mahle Has New GM Vortec 5.7L Head Set

Mahle Aftermarket Inc. has released the Mahle Original head gasket set for 1996 – 2002 General Motors 5.7-liter, 8-cylinder “Vin:R” Vortec engines.

The company says the head gasket set features OE quality construction. The exhaust manifold gaskets are made from multi-layer steel (MLS) and the intake manifold gaskets have new technology polymer construction for superior sealing. The set includes all the parts – 35 pieces in total – that technicians need to do the job.

The intake manifold gaskets in the GM Vortec head set (part no. HS5746C) use new technology: a hydrogenated nitrile butyl rubber (HNBR) constrained sealing bead on a molded polymer carrier. The coolant ports are fully encapsulated with HNB to protect against organic acid technology (OAT) coolant. Metal load limiters are incorporated to prevent over-torquing. They protect the carrier against thermal expansion and contraction, according to Mahle.

The exhaust gasket in the GM Vortec head set uses 301 full hard stainless steel. An embossment on each layer at critical sealing areas enhances sealing. The spring steel layers provide tension when compressed, keeping the joint tight and preventing the seal from being blown out. The company says the MLS construction used in Mahle Original gaskets is superior to composite gasket materials that do not match the OE design.

“You can see the difference with Mahle Original gasket sets,” says Jon Douglas, general manager of Mahle Aftermarket North America. “Mahle Original gaskets match the OE gaskets for form, fit and function. Plus, we include everything the technician needs to get the job done right.”

Mahle Aftermarket Inc. announced in 2016 that the new brand name for the gasket line would be Mahle Original. These are the same Articles sold in North America since well before Mahle Aftermarket acquired the engine parts division from Dana Corporation in 2007. The Mahle Original gasket line will continue to offer the best coverage in the aftermarket across domestic, Asian and European applications, as well as heavy-duty applications.

The Mahle Original gasket offering includes nearly 9,000 part numbers, covering 900,000 applications, with over 1,200 exclusive part numbers.

For more information about MAHLE Aftermarket and its brands, visit or contact a local sales representative.

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