Eco-Absorb Safely and Quickly Absorbs Spills

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Eco-Absorb Safely and Quickly Absorbs Spills


Eco-Absorbent Technologies Inc.’s Eco-Absorb cleaning absorbent is made from an all-natural, non-toxic earth compound. Spill cleanup can be done safely and quickly so work can resume with no hazardous dust, slick residue, or lifting of heavy bagged absorbents.

Commonly used cleaning absorbents such as clay or diatomaceous earth are dusty and can be hazardous when inhaled, the company notes. Eco-Absorb can be used safely without worry of inhalation, and will remain dust-free even when exposed to the open air indefinitely.

There is no need to add water, and when placed around a spill, the absorbent acts like a sponge. It quickly absorbs the spill material and binds to it. This makes it easy to sweep up the substance along with the absorbent into a dustpan, to dispose of in a proper solid waste receptacle.

Eco-Absorb weighs one-third less than traditional clay Articles but absorbs up to 15 times more – so less Article is needed to do the job.

Using Eco-Absorb to clean up a spill typically costs less than 25% of the total cost of clay alternatives, the company notes. This is because less of the Article is required to handle the spill, less is paid out for disposal fees, and labor costs are reduced because cleanup is quicker.

Plus, to ensure safety, Eco-Absorb indicates a substance is hazardous by changing color.  It can neutralize a chemical hazard and indicate the substance’s pH level by turning red for dangerous acids and blue for dangerous bases. When the harmful substance is neutralized, it changes back to its original natural color, indicating that it is safe for disposal.

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